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Analysis and Removal Operating Lamp

Neither the main lamp nor the pay lamp is on.
1. The fuse on the net power supply, base or switching power supply has burned out.
2. Short circuit or long-term wear and tear leakage of conductive circuit in lamp body;
3. The light bulbs all flash out.
4. Microcomputer dimmer failure and/or damage;
5. Switching power supply has been burnt out.
1. Check the fuses on the power supply, base and switching power supply, and replace the new fuses if they are burnt out.
2. Check whether the conductive line is damaged or short-circuit repaired. If it cannot repair itself, inform the manufacturer to repair it.
3. After checking the bulbs, they all flash out and replace the new ones as required.
4. If the above problems have been ruled out, that is, the microprocessor dimmer and/or switching power supply is broken. If it cannot be handled by itself, you can contact the manufacturer to send someone to repair it.
5. Replacement shall be made according to the specifications and models of switching power supply. If it cannot be solved by itself, the manufacturer shall send a special person or a special repairman with or without shadow lamp.
The rotating arm straight lamp cannot be positioned or always drifts to one side
1. Long-term pulling of lamp body causes imbalance of fixed base;
2. The brake screw of the rotating arm sleeve is loose.
1. Rectify the level of fixed base;
2. Adjust according to the instruction "Shadowless operating Lamp Debugging, Item 1".
Balance arm can not be positioned up and down
Due to long-term pull-up and pull-down, spring balance is destroyed.
Adjustment was made according to the instruction "Operation Shadowless Lamp Adjustment, Item 3".
Other rotating parts cannot be positioned
The braking screw at the corresponding position is loose.
According to the instructions, "Shadowless lamp debugging, corresponding parts of the operation" to adjust.
After replacing the light bulb, one kind of brightness, or both of the main and secondary lights are on at the same time, but the micro-computer dimmer does not work.
1. After replacing the light bulb, the upper conductive electrode mark or color is not aligned with the tray mark or color of the focusing system, and then the light body is loaded randomly.
2. After maintenance, the positive and negative poles of the conductive circuit are staggered or the conductors are staggered with the positive and negative poles of the switching power supply.
1. Remove the focusing system tray and align the upper conductive electrode mark or color with the tray mark or color, then load it into the lamp body.
2. Re-check the connection of wires in all parts. Red color to red color and other color to red color.