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FA513 Single Channel Syringe Pump

FA513 Single Channel Syringe Pump

Model No. Parameter FA513 Channel Single Flow Rate Range(ml/h) 0.1-200ml/h for 10,20,30ml Syringe, 0.1-400 ml/h for 50/60ml Syringe Step by 0.1 Volume Range(ml) 0-9999.9 Step by 0.1 Accuracy ±2% Purge/Bolus Rate 50ml: 400ml/h 30ml: 200ml/h 20ml: 200ml/h 10ml: 100ml/h Occlusion alarm pressure high 20ml、30ml、50ml:90Kpa±30Kpa 10ml:100Kpa±30Kpa low 20ml、30ml、50ml:50Kpa±30Kpa 10ml:70Kpa±30Kpa KVO Rate 0.1ml/h ±0.02 ml/h Purge / Bolus Function √ Alarm Occlusion, Pause Overtime, Low Battery, Near End, VTBI Completion, Syringe Near Empty, Syringe Empty, Incorrect Syringe Specification, Syringe Dislocation, Motor Malfunction, Battery Exhausted, Battery Malfunction. Automatic recovery time after releasing the alarm if it's erasable 1min50s—2min Pause Overtime Alarm 1min50s—2min Power & Battery ~100V~240V 50Hz/60Hz DC:12V Inner Ni-MH battery 12V Power Consumption 40VA Weight 2.5 Kg Battery Time Ni-MH battery support 7 hours at intermediate rate under full of charge. lassification Class II, type CF,IPX4 Size 138mm×105mm×290mm Working environment Operating Temperature: +5℃~+40℃ Relative Humidity: 20%~90% Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa~1060hPa Avoid strong vibration or corrosive air in the operating environment