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SA513 infusion pump


01. 4.2'' Large   LCD screen for more clinical information to make reading easier and more   clearer
02. Big alarm lights attract quickly and longer   distance attention      
03. Open system to match any brand of I.V.   set  after calibration      
04. Patented ultrasound detection for air in   line        
05. Nurse call jack, RS232 for better satisfaction of clinical use    
06. Comprehensive visible and audible alarm system to make infusion safer and   more reliable.



                Model No.
SA511 SA513
Power Consumption 18VA 18VA
Infusion Principle Fingertip   Peristaltic Pump
I.V.Set Compatibility All   brands after calibration
Range of Flow Rate 0.1-1200ml/h   (0.1-100ml/h step by 0.1ml/h or 1ml/h, 100-1200ml/h step by 0.1ml/h) 
Infusion Mode Drop   Mode, Rate Mode Drop   Mode, Rate Mode, Body Weight Mode
Purge/Bolus Rate 200-1200ml/h,   can be programmed by user,default value 800ml/h
Volume Range  0.1~9999.99ml
Accuracy ±5%
Volume Infused 0-9999 ml
Total Volume Infused 0-9999   ml
Bubble Sensitivity Detestability   of air bubble ≥40uL
Occlusion Pressure High:   120KPa±40KPa
Middle: 80   KPa±30KPa
Low: 40 KPa±20KPa
Visible & Audible Alarms Air in line,   Occlusion, Door open, VTBI completion, Low battery,Drop Error,Pause Overtime,   Master CPU Malfunction,Monitoring CPU Malfunction,Battery Exhausted,A.C   Disconnection, I.V set dislocation, Electric Circuit Jam, Air Detect Circuit   Jam.
K.V.O Rate KVO   rate is 3ml/h when flow rate is more than 10 ml/h; KVO rate is 3ml/h when   flow rate is more than 1 ml/h but less than 10 ml/h; KVO rate is 0.1ml/h when   flow rate is more than 0.1 ml/h but less than 1 ml/h; 
Internal Battery DC12   V,Ni-MH battery can support more than 3 hours working at averate rate
Power AC:100V-240V   50HZ/60HZ
Working Environment Temperature:   +5--+40°C ;Atmospheric pressure: 20%--90%; Relative Humidity:   700hPa--1060hPa
Classification Class   II,Type CF, IPX4
Dimension & Weight XXXmm(width)×XXXmm(length)×XXXmm(height);   2.5Kg
Optional Function 12V   for ambulance