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Functional characteristics of hospital beds

1. Back-lifting function
The lifting angle is 0-75 degrees, so that the back can rise slowly and shake gently without resistance.
2. Wheelchair function
The patient can sit up at any angle of 0-90 degrees. After sitting up, you can cooperate with the dining table or study. The multifunctional dining table can be disassembled and put into the bottom of the bed when not in use. Often let the patient sit up, can prevent tissue contraction, reduce edema phenomenon. It is helpful for the recovery of activity ability. After sitting up, the patient can remove the end of the bed and get out of bed from the end of the bed.
3. Foot washing function
The bed can remove the tail of the bed, and with the wheelchair function, it is more convenient for patients to wash their feet and massage.
4. Anti-slide function
When sitting up, the hip is raised, which can effectively prevent the patient from sliding down when sitting up passively.
5. Sitting and urinary orifice function
Shaking the handle of the bedpan can realize the switch between the bedpan and the bedpan baffle. When the bedpan is in place, it automatically rises to make the bedpan close to the bed surface to prevent excreta from leaking out of the bed. The defendant sits upright, lying down and defecates comfortably. The toilet-type home nursing bed has solved the problem of urination and defecation of patients who have been lying in bed for a long time. When the patients need to urinate and defecate, they shake the toilet handle clockwise so that the toilet can be delivered to the bottom of the user's buttocks. With the adjustment function of back and feet and legs, the patients can urinate and defecate in the most natural sitting position. After defecation, shake the toilet handle counterclockwise and move the toilet basin to the bedside. No matter lying down or using the toilet, patients will not feel any discomfort. Nurses only need to clean the bedpan when they are free.
Taking ABS bed as an example, the multi-functional manual bed is divided into two shaking beds, single shaking beds and flat beds.
The product function of manual beds is similar to that of electric beds, but patients can't operate it by themselves and need the help of escorts. Because the price is lower than that of electric beds, it is especially suitable for short-term bedridden patients, while reducing the burden and pressure of accompanying staff.
ABS Punch Face Manual Double-shake Hospital Bed
Stainless steel bedside double shaking bed
Outward Size: 2000x900x500
Stainless steel bed head, steel sprayed plastic bed frame, surface bed, reasonable structure, strong and durable. It can realize two functions of back rest and leg flexion. It is suitable for the elderly patients who can't get out of bed or are inconvenient to get out of bed. It can provide them with special care services necessary for recuperation, treatment, travel and daily life. It can improve the level of nursing and the quality of life of patients. It is especially suitable for families, community medical care institutions, nursing homes and geriatric hospitals.