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On the operating table, the fare increases from 1000 to nearly 10000.
Browse: Time:2018-11-13
The man called Ben a minor operation in andrology.
The operating table was ripped off.
Xiao Liu said that he had always wanted to have a common andrological operation, a chance, a woman added him as a friend on Wechat. Later, I learned that the other party was a customer service officer of a male hospital on Heroes Hill Road, and recommended Xiao Liu to this hospital for this operation. Because Xiao Liu just wanted to do it, he came to the hospital, gave each other 1015 yuan, and then went to the operation after the examination.
Xiao Liu said that after the operation, besides two doctors, there were two people chatting with Xiao Liu from time to time, asking about his income and family status. "Where is my family? How much does it cost per month? Ask me to buy a house? Is it a loan? Where to buy a house and so on... "
Subsequently, Xiao Liu, lying on the operating table, was told that the doctor found something on him and asked Xiao Liu if he wanted to deal with it. If he wanted to deal with it, he needed Xiao Liu to add money and sign for confirmation. "It said that there were three tumors or tumors in it. That was what I said at that time. If you don't deal with them, it may affect the function. I had to agree to say a lump of 2800 yuan, a total of another 8400 yuan. "
After signing the letter, Xiao Liu felt that he had been caught in the pit, but at that time he was lying on the operating table and could only recognize it. But soon after the operation, Xiao Liu developed symptoms of discomfort. "I went to the provincial hospital and they said that I might have been deceived, and I also thought that they were deceiving me in this way. There are no tumors at all. They deceive me in order to get more money.
What is the mass that Xiao Liu is asked to add money to deal with? Is there really such a situation? Xiao Liu asked the hospital to give a reasonable explanation and return the extra 8400 yuan, but the other side has been delaying for half a month and has not been answered.
Hospitals deny rip off
Half price refund can be used.
Xiao Liu felt that he was suspected of being cheated and hoped that the other side could come forward and respond accordingly. In order to clarify the problem, then Xiao Liu entered the hospital, a self-proclaimed administrator Li Mou received Xiao Liu.
Ms. Li, the head of the administrative department of this male hospital, said that the staff responsible for handling Xiao Liu's case were off duty before and it was not convenient to contact each other. For Xiao Liu's request, Ms. Li said that if Xiao Liu had evidence to prove that their operation was a failure, they could compensate, and if they could not provide evidence, they had no basis for compensation.
For Xiao Liu, the hospital has the idea of asking for more money on the operating table. Ms. Li said that this is entirely her own conjecture. But if they do ask too much about Xiao Liu's privacy during the operation, they will criticize the relevant personnel.
What exactly is the mass removed by Xiao Liu? Why didn't you find it before the operation? Ms. Li said she was only responsible for administrative matters and could not answer questions about surgery. But it is impossible for hospitals to rip off the operating table.
"I personally suggest that you take the judicial approach, and the court will award you as much compensation as we can. This is my personal opinion. If you are asking the unit's advice, I will tell you 3-5 working days, when someone will contact you. Now let me answer you, I tell you, no one can give you an accurate answer now, no one can say it."
Seeing that the other side could not give a positive answer, Xiao Liu was going to look for a doctor to operate on him. Ms. Li said she could ask for it. "I went to ask you, you removed the inflammatory hyperplasia, white, a total of three found, you removed, a 2800 yuan."
Since no specific information about the so-called mass has been obtained, Xiao Liu asked the other side to refund all the operation costs, but also asked the other side to bear the additional medical costs caused by inflammation. The other side said that only the operation fee waiver preferential policy for Xiao Liu could not be refunded. "If you agree, you will be given half price, otherwise you will go to the judicial process."
Finally, Ms. Li promised that she would give Xiao Liu a final reply by the end of next Wednesday. Xiao Liu said he would complain to the relevant departments if he did not refund all the expenses.

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