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What does ICU mean? Is it meaningful to persist?
Browse: Time:2018-11-03
Generally speaking, young people are the rare visitors of ICU. Youth life is often full of vitality. It seems that there is no half-money relationship with death, but this does not mean that there are no young patients in ICU.
So who are the people who live in ICU? It is understood that the ICU, both the disease is very serious and difficult to control, there are natural and man-made disasters and serious injuries, and even a number of self-seeking people.
It can be imagined that the atmosphere in ICU is very cold and depressed, just like a patient who came out of ICU said that every patient in ICU is like a cabbage, the God of death will eat who will wither. In this place, a heart-tearing and lung-tearing departure may take place at any time, which is the highest mortality department in every hospital.
Does that mean there is no need to stay in ICU? The answer is absolutely fixed. ICU is full of the cold breath of death. Although there are fewer people coming out than those coming out, it does not mean that living in ICU is equal to death. In ICU, there are also doctors who refuse to accept defeat and struggle with the God of death. They try their best to recover the patients from the God of death. As long as they have a little hope, they are unwilling to give up.
The patients who live in ICU are usually critically ill patients. Their condition is much more serious than that of other patients. The severity of these conditions determines the high mortality rate in ICU. But through the efforts of so many doctors for so many years, the mortality rate in ICU ward has declined, which is undoubtedly the same for all of us. Good news.
In addition, it is worth mentioning that the mortality rate of the same critical disease in ICU is absolutely much lower than that in the ordinary ward! uuuuuuuuuuu Therefore, the existence of ICU is very necessary. Of course, ICU is a place ready to fight with death, which also means to a large extent that all kinds of instruments and medicines in ICU are better than ordinary wards. Therefore, many people will feel that the cost of ICU is too high, but what is more important in front of life?

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