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The old man was unconscious in ICU for 30 hours. After he woke up, he wrote 7 words.
Browse: Time:2018-11-03
Recently, a 64 year old uncle was admitted to ICU with a heart attack and then was unconscious for 30 hours.
After waking up, because he could not speak, he could only use his hands to draw the nurses to find him a pen and paper, and write on the paper - "wife's birthday today".
This scene makes many people move.
Mr. Sun's note
The uncle named sun Cheng Gao, a member of Suqian City, Jiangsu, is 64 years old
Sun Youjun, uncle's son, said, "October 22 is my mother's birthday. My father has always remembered it and repeatedly told us that we must call all our relatives and celebrate our mother's birthday together."
In the early morning of October 22nd, uncle sun had a heart attack, which led to respiratory failure and emergency admission. After the rescue, the old man regained consciousness after 30 hours' coma.
"When something like this happens, the family will not have the heart to celebrate their birthday." Sun Youjun said.
Grandson after awakening
The head nurse of the hospital recalled: "At that time, the patient was unable to speak with a ventilator, but when he woke up, he was worried. We asked him if he was hungry, thirsty and uncomfortable, but he denied it."
Then she found that the old man's hand had been drawing, as if to write, so she found a pen and paper for him.
"Wife's birthday today" - Sun Chenggao wrote seven words on the paper.
Son Sun Youjun read the second meaning on the paper: "My mother is illiterate, so this is not as many people understand, the mother's confession, more is to tell me, do not forget to say in advance to invite a table to celebrate her birthday."
Because Uncle Sun was ill and missed his wife's birthday, the family did not intend to celebrate because they were worried about his health, so the celebration did not take place as scheduled.
Sun Youjun said: "Later, my mother knew about this, but she did not do much to express, but focused on taking care of my father, and now just came home to rest. Now the old man is recovering well. After he leaves the hospital, he will give his mother a birthday party and celebrate his father's discharge.
The deepest love in the world
Even though time flies, you are always in my heart.
Regardless of disease, life and death, miss you.
May the rest of your life be fulfilled!
I wish you a speedy recovery!

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