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ICU acceptance of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospitals
Browse: Time:2018-11-03
On the afternoon of November 1, Liu Xianglin, head of TCM section of the Municipal Health Planning Commission, led a group of experts at the municipal level to visit Deyang Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital for special inspection and acceptance of the ICU construction of the hospital. Cai Mao, vice president of the hospital.
According to the construction requirements of the standard ICU, the experts inspected the license, medical treatment, nursing and hospital feeling one by one through checking data, field investigation and on-site questioning.
Through the inspection, the expert group highly appraised the ICU environment, equipment, working attitude and professionalism of medical staff in the city's integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital, and put forward many constructive suggestions. According to the suggestions and opinions put forward by experts, the Municipal Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital will conscientiously do related work, truly play the role of ICU, and provide comprehensive, systematic, continuous and rigorous monitoring and treatment for critically ill patients in a timely manner.

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